Insurance matters to everyone for many different reasons. At the E-Choice Insurance Group (“E-Choice”) we represent the ethical alternatives to commercial risk arising from the contingency doctrine of “caveat emptor” (i.e. “let the buyer beware”).

E-Choice offers institutional provenence, consultancy and coverage solutions to the insurance marketplace derived from the Ma’at Declaration of the Kandake Kushitic Lineage of moral discernment that is perpetuated in public affairs by the proverbial wisdom of the Solomon Dynasties at the heart of the US monetary doctrine “In God We Trust”.

The Ma’at Declaration empowers the insurance market to extend the infinite prudential horizons of international commerce to all humanity based on the utmost standards of good faith and credit that can be realized through personal sovereignty.


E-Choice delivers transparent insurance guidance to all peoples based on principles of universal providence and protection


To provide freedom of choice in the insurance marketplace based on shared ethics that are mutually beneficial to all parties

  • To research, develop underwrite new risk management and compliance guidelines based on the Ma’at Declaration

  • To establish proprietary customer relationships that optimize the capacity, reach and efficiency of the insurance market

  • To enable all persons to have affordable access to effective insurance services regardless of inherited political, moral and financial hazards