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Assurant/Time: Medical portfolio
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Social Security

*Our focus is serving Your need for historically safe and guaranteed financial needs within:
  • Prudent, tax, modified-AGI, creditor, lawsuit and probate advantaged environment

  • Virtually immune to market and credit losses, yet linked to index market's potential up-legs only

Minimum safety-net guarantees coupled with tax and legalese  advantage options for your overall financial portfolio allow you to plan for a sustainable living, retirement and legacy needs.

The most important part of our business is helping You prepare for the future. At E-Choice Insurance Services Inc, striving for your sustainable peace and joy is the driving force of our practice!

Any legal and tax advantages afforded to insurance products is based on our understanding of the current laws as is applicable in Texas. We do not give any public legal or tax advice. Underwriting, limitations, exclusions, and or product availability may limit or deny your access to fixed-financial and or health care insurance products and or options. Contact us with your concerns.


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In light of peaceful and joyful sustainable asset management needs, ask yourself, "How am I positioned now and moving forward if the trends continue?"

Properly positioned safety-net legalese policies can be your asset's best friends.

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**Virtually all aspect of insurance policies are regulated by your state's department of insurance; hence, your individual insurance premium would be the same whether we are your servicing firm or if available direct from the carrier. Our services are at no additional cost to you. 

***These links are for informational purposes only.  Consults your life & health insurance counselor, or qualified financial professional, attorney and or CPA for your specific needs.

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